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New ProAc Distributor : USA 30th Jun 2015 ProAc is pleased to announce our new USA distributor! The sound Organisation. For all ProAc USA en-queries, please contact The Sound Organisation - distributor contact information can be found on our World Wide Distributors page.

The Amazing K6

Discover our latest Range that benefits from our new Kevlar dirve units.

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Latest News 22nd Aug 2014

The new ProAc Response D30R has been well received internationally with exceptional enthusiasm by both dealers and ProAc customers. It is now the subject of an enthusiastic review in the September 2014 edition of What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision. To view this double page spread feature, please click here.

Lastes News 17th May 2012

Since the implementation of Carbon Fibre and Kevlar cone materials utillised in the Carbon Pro range and Response D40R and K6 loudspeakers, we continue to investigate materials of all types, in order to make it feasible to manufacture cones of different sizes, for potential inclusion in future models.

  • DB1

  • Studio SM100

  • Respones D20R

  • Respones D48R

  • Respones K8

The current range of ProAc loudspeakers is proving extremely successful, but we will continue to strive to make further improvements in the future as they become available.

We have just had an excellent review in Witchdoctor High End Magazine New Zealand on our D2. The reviewer commented on the open natural midrange, this was the aim when the D2 was designed using bigger Proac's and BBC monitors for reference, who concentrate on middrange particularly for voicereproduction, but the D2 having better bass and high frequency.

Product Reviews & Awards
What HiFi Studio 140Mk2 Review 30th Oct 2011

there are few rivals that deliver sound with such enthusiasm while still getting the hi-fi side of things right..... Read the full review here

What HiFi Response D18 Review 29th Oct 2011

The Response D18s are an immensely compelling proposition. In a suitably talented system they're capable of deliveing an extra-large slice of sonic heaven..... Read the full review here